Youtube FancyBox

A Youtube Fancybox uses colorbox /lightbox (thanks to Jack Moore( ) to show YouTube video in a popup box on click of thumbnail which is generated from YouTube video. you can use it with shortcode in page, post and text widget.

In the backend you can generate shortcodes also you can set default height, width, and an option to play the video automatically.


1) You can download it from WordPress repository here and install as other plugins

2) You will get plugin menu “YTubeFancyBox” at the backend.


  1. Here you can set default height and width of image thumbnail
  2. You can generate shortcode for thumbnail and image here

example code is generated below.

/[ youtube url=”” height=”150″ width=”300″ /]
/[ youtube videoid=”-P__VRsRodo” height=”150″ width=”300″ /]

3) Copy generated code and put it anywhere you want in page, post, widget


And your are done



Demo :

Plugins conflicts :

Jetpack : if you don’t see output please disable Jetpack’s Shortcode Embeds option

Video Credits : Youtube and PiscesRising